The unit can be operated at an ambient temperature of max. To exit the help window, press the [Enter] or the [Esc] key. With the two Windows keys you will be able to access and take advantage of many of the timesaving features of Windows software. Hold the button down for a second or two and release. Make sure to use the right voltage for the power source when connecting the equipment to the power outlet. External Speakers and Microphone The sound system is capable in providing high -quality sound to external speakers and receiving and processing sounds from an external microphone or external sound source. Inserting and Removing the Battery Pack The battery pack should already be inserted in your Notebook computer when you unpack it.

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To help you orient the cards, the edge connector has been made with two unequal-length sections.

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If there is an equipment authorization waiver associated elitegroup 557s this application, has the elitegriup waiver been approved and all information uploaded?: End users must follow the specific operating instructions for satisfying RF exposure compliance.

Ensure elitegroup 557s the printer power switch is turned on.

Manager, Advance Data Technology Corporation. With easy-to-use menus, elitegroup 557s can configure such items as: Glare can make it hard to read the screen. Failure in the installation of the Audio driver.

Never open the equipment. This elitegroup 557s mainstream Laptop enhances the previous generation ECSElitegroupComputer models with the chipsets and new levels of customization.

When you have a clear idea of which Laptop best suits your needs, check for its specifications. Elitegroup 557s Lock Indicates when the keyboard is in Scroll Lock mode.

G557QGXX ECS 557S Notebook PC User Manual 557S _E_ Elitegroup Computer Systems Co., Ltd

These letters are chosen by the applicant. Talk to a Technician Now! If you try all the suggested solutions and you still elitegroup 557s a problem, make a list of what steps you elitegroup 557s taken to correct the problem and contact your dealer. Taoyuan Branch First Name: The Menu Bar The top of 57s screen has a menu bar with the following selections: Never turn off elitegroyp reset your Notebook while the hard disk is in use and the HDD status icon is lit; doing so can result in loss or destruction of your data.

The function keys F1-F12 elitegroup 557s the top row of the keyboard, serve different purposes and carry out different tasks depending on the application you are running. Limitation of Liability While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure 55s7 accuracy of elitegroup 557s manual, the manufacturer elitegroup 557s distributor assume no liability resulting from errors or omissions in this manual, or from the use of the information contained herein.

Elitegroup 557s not to slam the display upon closing it. A lithium-ion battery pack will be available when you are traveling. Check the printer cable connection. Click the “Device Manager” button.

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Make sure that you are using the correct program for that kind of Elitegroup 557s. Elitegroup Computer Systems Co. Gently lower the battery into the bay and push it until it elitergoup securely in elitegroup 557s bay.

Otherwise, let the battery run down until the battery low-low warning beeps are heard. If the computer is connected to any peripheral devices, look for loose elitegroup 557s disconnected cables. Connect the AC adapter and let the battery fully recharge. Two classifications of malfunctions can be detected during the POST: Remove the screen that is attached to elitegtoup keyboard in order to remove the heatsink on top elitegroup 557s the CPU.


Get the best experience on your ECSElitegroupComputer Laptop with improved performance, make it easy to create a home network and share all of your favorite items. If no LEDs are illuminated, make sure that your computer elitegroup 557s its peripherals are getting power and communicating elitegroup 557s each other properly.

Like the [Num Lock] key, these keys are labeled in blue on the keycaps. The features two on-board data caches elitegroup 557s transferring information to and from the processor.