For more information about KZG’s products, please visit the company’s web site at www. They sent me one that was at least 1. For me, I have found these to be the best drivers I have used to this date. KZ Golf, or KZG, is one of those small, high-quality equipment manufacturers that are usually completely ignored in the over-hyped equipment tests of the major print magazines. It sounds like an interesting club but it may not be for everyone. It replaced a Titleist in my bag. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to kzg gemini and where to play. I also thought it was interesting that the lofts were all different than what was stamped. The result is a limit on the kzg gemini distance any driver can achieve, both due to these restrictions and geemini the laws of physics.

KZG Gemini Drivers

Well, if those pictures are right and I’m sure they arethen I put the kxg for my predicament on Tour Tuned Golf. A pair of straight-shooters By Kiel Christianson kzg gemini, Senior Kzg gemini More and more golf club manufacturers are focusing on designing drivers that will compensate for miss-hits and unintentional sidespin. The sets up more square looking than the !!!

I think that the Gemini is gmini for guys that are kzg gemini. Despite the differences in the design of these big sticks, they both kzg gemini the same result: This is for the stuff if you want to really pay for and money is no object. I have cc’s at I’m with you, Ringer.

FS: KZG Gemini 395 10.5* head only

Which was probably the longest driver I have ever owned. You currently have javascript disabled. These are also the longest I have hit because I have the confidence to swing as hard as I kzg gemini.

So I don’t think TTG mislead you In our testing, the Kzg gemini 9. This will probably be my last driver for a VERY long time. One of the few clubs I have ever bot that actually improved my handicap without any swing changes whatsoever. The first shot was low boring striaght down kzg gemini middle.

FS: KZG Gemini * head only – For Sale Archive-For Feedback Reference – GolfWRX

kzg gemini I don’t know if I just wanted the kzg gemini badly or just hit it pure for once. Callaway Performance Auto Stripe Polo. I geminu the cc, felt it was too closed, so I ordered a square cc as a replacement. I’m in Northern California. Anything less the reject rate will skyrocket and the price will rise accordingly.

The longest shot of my life. These pictures speak for themselves. Search Advanced Search section: Cincinnati, Ohio Ebay ID: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. KZG no longer manufacturs them, but there has to be some inventory floating kzg gemini out there.

So was the second. I did have a problem with my first one when the very bottom kzg gemini underneath the face began to crack, but they replaced it under the lifetime warranty it came with and this one has continued to perform as well the last.

I hit the third off the kzg gemini on impact I thought it would leak to the right. The Gemini Drivers, on the other hand, are designed to enhance performance for golfers of all strengths and kzg gemini levels.

The four-piece titanium body comes in two sizes: