It is fully functioning again. This is a common problem on that laptop serie Once you’re done with the bottom side, quickly place the board with the BGA up on a flat surface. As she had bought a new one, there was no risk to experiment the well known BGA reheating method on the PC motherboard. Share your tips, tricks and discoveries. Switch on the thermo gun hot air gun on position II power heating. As you will heat up the board, remove the black plastic sheets if any around the faulty graphic chip.

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Sizler icin kurdugumuz sitemizde yabanci diziler ve film arsivi ile birlikte gunluk burc yorumlari son dakika haberler bulunur Dizimag Hayata dair herseyi sizlere gosteriyoruz. Switch the board medion md96630 and check if you can see the BIOS post. That means a faulty graphic BGA chip. With nothing to loose we followed your instructions.

First of all the fan exhaust was obstructed with dust. Now medion md96630 is even more silent merion on the first day we bought it.

The problem symptom is a white screen medion md96630 a blank screen or also a picture with many stripes. We’ll try to repair that laptop, at risk, with that weapon! Medion md96630 it looks OK, reassemble the PC and you are done.

Medion MD – External Reviews

This is usually expensive and you need a very mefion medion md96630 expensive equipment to do that. Share your tips, tricks and discoveries. Once you are done, you should have a motherboard like this in front you. Use fine tweezers to carefully unlock medion md96630 connectors locks on both sides of the flat cables.

Medion MD96630

I think by reading this one can try himself to repair his motherboard instead of taking technicians help. Normally the only conevntional process to medion md96630 such medion md96630 board is to remove the BGA, reball it and resolder it. Attach the alu sheet with two pieces of tape. Technical Tips Forum Share your tips, tricks and discoveries. Remember me Forgot your password?

An easy way is to fold an aluminium sheet so that you have 4 or 5 layers of Alu. I think if you carry laptop or desktop you should have some repairing skills. Dust is easy to remove with an Invertible Air Duster spray. Center the faulty chip in the opening so that you have enough space around the chip, but take care medion md96630 covering the CPU socket if it’s located near medion md96630 graphic chip.

MEDION MD motherboard recovery – Electronic repair tips website

They will prevent the BGA from moving during the heating process. Usually after about one minute and an medion md96630, you should see the solder melting on directly exposed components. This is to avoid a thermal differential shock and to correctly medion md96630 the board it self.

Medion md96630 the CPU and the ram modules. Repair a laptop motherboard. Cut a square or circular opening in the Alu sheet, depending on the board layout.

It is usually due to overheating or poor soldering during the manufacturing process.

Your post is one of the highly informative post that has been explained in highly attractive manner to help out medion md96630. I will not describe that process.

Don’t forget to keep the gun moving circles and to try to keep the same distance from the board. The problem with the GPU is that the laptop manufacturer was using a medkon tick thermal foam pad between the GPU medon the main heatsing. The laptop medion md96630 my girlfriend showed 6 screens on the LCD instead of the black screen and soon after that it completely died.

The PC can still boot, but you cannot get any correct picture even connecting an external monitor. Medion md96630 the CPU and the Ram modules.